Published: CTV News November 5, 2013

photo credit: CTV News

Southwestern Ontario is a prosperous agricultural region, but one that is changing rapidly.

Farmers across the region and across the country are getting older and some are looking to get out of the farming business entirely. During the 1990s, commodity prices fell, making it harder for farmers to make a living.

Many parents were actually telling their kids to leave the farm and not to return. However, in the last few years, that’s been changing.After coming home from a full-time job each day at the agriculture company Haggerty Creek in Bothwell, Tom Jobson, 22, begins the job he loves at his farm in Glencoe.

He says the long hours he spends farming are worth it.
“I love it. I love getting my hands dirty and being out here.”

Jobson is one of the many young people getting into farming. He recently graduated from the Ontario Agricultural College at the University of Guelph. Applications to the Bachelor of Science program were up 35 per cent this fall, following a decade of declining enrollment.

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