The Canadian Seed Library is a collection of seeds that backs up the work of the Seeds of Diversity’s member seed savers and Canadian heritage seed companies.

As a not-for-profit project, Seeds of Diversity store back-up samples of Canada’s rarest seeds (and some not so rare) in low-humidity freezers to keep them viable and available for future gardeners and farmers. These are your seeds, your collection, brought to you by the work and donations of hundreds of people.

Now storing 3832 samples of seeds.

14% permanently adopted through donations from 309 people and companies,
totalling $85607.45 so far. Adopt a Variety today!

Backing up 2354 varieties from 77 plant species.

What does it look like? Imagine 147.35 kg of seeds carefully dried and stored in airtight jars in big freezers!

Learn About the Canadian Seed Library

Complete List of Varieties

Now Offering these Seeds to the Public

Seeds of Diversity offers seed samples to gardeners and farmers when they have seeds in enough quantity, and they are not available from any Canadian seed company (that we know of – please tell us if you know otherwise!).

That way, more seed varieties are available to people. They should be, because these are the people’s seeds!

Contact us at about requesting seed samples.


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