Helping women grow into new businesses
by Tere Dunlap

MONROE – There was a time when rural women often got together to help each other preserve fruit, sew quilts and make soap.
Thursday night, about 20 rural and county-loving people, mostly women, attended the “See Jane Grow” seminar at Kookaburras, a culinary and gourmet food shop locally owned by Laura Winters, on the north side of the Monroe Square.
Dani Gierhart, Brodhead, came to the seminar for more information. She had become unemployed April 4 when Woodbridge Corporation, an auto seat cushion manufacturer in Brodhead, shut down.
“My big dream is to own an Alpaca farm,” she said. “All by myself.” To read the rest of this article, click

Note: There is a growing movement of socially responsible women who combine their love of local food, family, their environment, and community change to run their own farms. In the USA, women entrepreneurs are expanding at twice the national rate. Tired of the corporate recessionary life, women are coming together to share their knowledge and stories of creating their own livelihoods. The article above from rural Wisconsin USA examines this societal trend.  Please click here for a link to the article. *MR *Maya Roy is a contributing editor to Foodforethought.

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