By: Eleanor J Bader
Published: Truthout, 17 November 2013
According to the US Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service, the number of women-operated farms more

photo credit: Susan May

than doubled in the 25 years between 1982 and 2007. In fact, female farmers now make up the fastest-growing sector of the country’s changing agricultural landscape and nearly 1 million women – approximately one-third of total domestic farmers – list farming as their primary occupation. The National Women in Agriculture Association calls it “breaking the grass ceiling.” It’s that and more.

Some are choosing to farm as a way of maintaining continuity, tending land that has been in their families for decades. Others, however, are choosing farming for many different reasons, among them the desire to do something concrete, constructive and quickly gratifying; to tweak gender norms; or simply to have better control over their work lives. Many see their efforts as overtly political.
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One Response to Women Lead the Way in Sustainable and Organic Agriculture

  1. Women are excelent farmers (i don´t know why). Perhaps because of their more special connection with the nature of “growing” and their (in general)common sense, which is the most requiered skill at farm .
    i´m myself an Old Farmer in a Farming Country and i´ve never saw a bad managed farm when managed by a woman. My admiration to Ladies of the Farming activity!.
    Regars, Cono (Excuse my english, i´m italian, living in a Spanish Speaking Country)