While the soil and other life are resting at the McVean Farm, there is still work to be done. Winter is the time for planning, and most farmers have by now completed a farm plan and started ordering seeds.

Shabaka from Afri-Can Food Basket and myself have also been braving the cold temperatures of late, working on the construction of a hoop house on The Fresh Veggies plot. The hoophouse will be unheated and used for season extention. Luckily, having tilled soil and a good snow cover left the ground soft enough to drive the greenhouse stakes in. Bob Baloch of the Fresh Veggies hopes to start early greens in March, hotcrops in the mid season and then more greens in the late fall.

If someone else were to show up at the farm it would be one of the beekeepers such as Luis Canora who I spotted trudging through the snow on a cold day to check for signs of life in the honeybee colonies. We were pleased to see a few dead bees outside of the colonies indicating that some bees had left to deficate, a sign of a healthy colony.

Otherwise, the farmers and myself have started meeting to go over farm plans and get ready for the quickly approaching growing season.

See you in the spring,

Saulis Tribinevicius


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