Weeds are top of the mind at this time of year for all gardeners and farmers. Weed management workshop facilitator Jeff Boesch believes that hand weeding is not a practical method of primary weed management for a growing small to mid-sized market garden. With more planning and management tools, the hand work can be minimized.

“Its all about timing.” stressed Jeff, workshop facilitator and farmer at Cedar Down Farm.

The Weed Management workshop took place on June 18th at Cedar Down Farm near Neustadt, on this beautiful and sunny day. Participants received extensive training on weed management tools, equipment and methods with special attention paid to each individual’s weed problems and soil conditions. Participants then toured Cedar Down Farm’s five acre market garden while Jeff pointed out many of the management tools in use and gave proper hoeing technique demonstrations. The day was a great success and everyone left with renewed vigour and new ideas for tackling their own weed problems.

Looking to learn more?  See the FarmStart website for more details on our next workshop, Managing Your Cover Crops for Healthy Soil, starting July 9th.



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