Food For Talk Presents:

Christie Young
FarmStart Director

February 8, 2008, 2-4 pm
University of Toronto, University College
Room A101

While the consumer demand for local food is growing by leaps and
bounds, with new market opportunities increasing for value-added,
local, fresh, quality, and culturally-appropriate produce, production
capacity in Ontario is not keeping up. The net number of farmers
across the province continues to fall, local agri-food system
infrastructure declines (or is completely absent), and policies and
support services for new farmers are insufficient. Moreover, the
perception that farming is a viable, sustainable and meaningful career
path is missing. There simply are not the numbers of new farmers
starting to successfully meet the current, much less future, demand.

Christie Young, founder and Director of FarmStart will talk about the
challenges facing new farmers and a regional food supply. She
will also present the strategies that FarmStart is developing to
encourage and support new farmers to develop locally oriented,
ecologically sound and economically viable agricultural enterprises.

There are many challenges in agriculture today, but there are also many
exciting opportunities. By thinking about agriculture in new and
innovative ways we believe we can meet the challenges head on with a
variety of solutions that promote a sustainable, healthy and regional
food supply.

For more information about the Food for Talk seminar series, please visit the series website.


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