To Make A Farm, a feature-length documentary film exploring the lives of five new farmers, will premiere in Ontario in early March, with screenings on March 3rd in Walkerton and March 4th and 5th in Guelph. Filmmaker Steve Suderman and the featured farmers—four of whom live and farm in the area—will be in attendance.

To Make A Farm, named one of the ten most popular Canadian films at the Vancouver International Film Festival in 2011, asks: what might the future of local food and farming look like? Filmmaker Steve Suderman examines his own family history in farming while discovering a vibrant community of new farmers with urban backgrounds. To Make A Farm depicts the struggles and triumphs of a season on a fledgling farm through the eyes of five young people who have decided to become small-scale farmers, despite having no backgrounds in this demanding profession.

“I thought it would be impossible for someone to take up farming who didn’t grow up as a farmer,” Suderman says. “But once I met these farmers and started filming, I was inspired by their passion and hard work. I think there are skeptics out there who think the new farmer movement is driven by romanticism, and perhaps there’s an element of that. But in the film you see the struggles and setbacks, and the need to make it work as a business.”

March’s screenings in Walkerton and Guelph are particularly exciting, as director Steve Suderman and  local Grey Bruce farmers Tarrah Young, Nathan Carey, Leslie Moskovits, Jeff Boesch (featured in the film) will be attending. The filmmaker and farmers hope to draw attention to the lives of local farmers and the realities of small-scale agriculture.

To Make a Farm Screening Dates:
    Walkerton: March 3 – Jubliee Hall – time 7pm,
Guelph: March 4 & 5 – Bookshelf Cinema – time TBA

To Make A Farm will be broadcast later in 2012 on TVO and Knowledge Network.

More information,and preview clips:

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