Kathryn Dean is a writer and award-winning editor who also has a passion for ecological farming. She helped in the creation of the Ontario Farmland Trust and spends a great deal of time working on her farm in Rockwood, Ontario. Kathryn signed up on FarmLINK as a landowner, hoping to establish a lease agreement with a qualified farmer looking to rent land. Kathryn is excited to have found three individuals through FarmLINK to work with for the 2011 farming season. Two of the tenants are growing market garden crops, and the other one has beef cattle. They all farm organically, which is important to Kathryn.

When Kathryn moved to the farm seven years ago, she knew she wanted to farm but didn’t want to do it alone. In her experience, FarmLINK has led to finding reliable individuals to whom she can confidently lease her land. “It’s all positive. It’s been just great for me because I ended up realizing I didn’t want just one tenant; I wanted a variety…They’ve all had good backgrounds and [are] aware of farming organically. We’ve all had cordial relationships. So it’s been a really great thing for me.” Kathryn, who grew up on a farm, is happy to have younger tenants around who can now carry out their own farming endeavours on her land.



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