Previously I mentioned how we are now using a Berta Plow (also referred to as a rotary plow) to create our raised beds. Before presenting this tool in more details, I’d like to elaborate more about the raised bed system

Permanent raised beds form the foundation of our intensive cropping system. They provide better drainage, soil warms faster come springtime, dramatically reduces possible soil compaction, increased yield per square foot, and all the while providing the ideal solution for soil building. We found that using the same layout of beds and paths each year restricts organic amendments to only the growing area. The fact that they are permanent saves us the work of building new beds every year, which in a big way is how we can get away from farming without a tractor. Working and shaping large quantities of soil every year would otherwise require a lot more work and is not very efficient. After many years growing in such a system, I find it hard to even imagine growing vegetables any other way.


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