By: Katrina Clarke
Published: June 7, 2013


Photo Credit: FarmStart

This article, published in the National Post, features Tarrah Young, the instructor of the upcoming FarmStart Pastured Poultry and Pig Workshops:

Tarrah Young is another resource. The 36-year-old farmer teaches a course in Toronto about realities of the farming business.

Some hard truths she shares include the expensive cost of land, details of the highly regulated industry and the importance of not going too deep in debt.

She says most aspiring farmers come in with romantic notions of the business.“A lot of people come in with those kind of misconceptions,” she says. “A lot of people walk away going, ‘You know what? Doing it for a business is not right for me. Thank goodness I took the course.’”

However, Ms. Young says she doesn’t know anyone who has actually started up a farming business and failed.

To read the entire article, click here.


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