Here at Green Being Farm we concentrate on pasturing livestock, with a major emphasis on raising our animals in a way that does not compromise their dignity, nor that of the environment.  We raise pastured pigs, chickens, hens, and sometimes turkeys, in addition to producing grassfed beef and lamb.  We also grow vegetables for our 100 member Winter CSA, so we focus on storage and greenhouse crops.

Tarrah Young

I got into farming in 2002 after catching the bug in my final year at the University of Guelph.  I was studying Environmental Biology and all I knew was that I wanted to…save the world…yes, cheesy I know!  But I was looking for something profound to do with my life, something that would challenge me, and provide me with the reward of knowing I was having a positive impact on the planet.  Somewhat serendipitously, that was the first year Guelph offered their first course in Organic Agriculture.  I took the course, not knowing anything about organic agriculture or farming of any kind.  But before the year was through, I knew I wanted to be a farmer.

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