Support Us!

By helping us to support a new generation of farmers:

You help to cultivate a diverse, resilient and delicious future for our food system!

Help us encourage and build new farm dreams.

Our training and resources provide opportunities for those who are exploring their dreams, support for those beginning to plan their farm businesses and connections for new farm start-ups to valuable skills, mentorship and peer networks.

Your support will allow us to make bursaries available for our courses and workshops, helping those who could otherwise not afford to attend.


Help us work ‘on the ground’ with new farmers.

Our Start-Up Farms provide new farmers access to land, infrastructure, and equipment as well as technical training, business planning skills development, mentorship and a supportive community of farmers during the first 5 years of their enterprise start-up.

Your support will allow us to set-up shared infrastructure and equipment and provide mentorship on our current McVean Farm and to start new Start-Up Farms across Ontario.  


Helps us provide seed capital to get new farms started.

We provide start-up farmers $1000 – $3000 for infrastructure, purchase of seeds and livestock, small tools, inputs and mentorship. This small amount of financial capital and mentorship can often provide timely encouragement that helps to grow the human and social capital, which is critical for the long-term viability of new farm operations. As the new farm grows they then pass on the value of the seed capital through donations to local food banks and peer support.

Your support will help us to provide start-up capital for a new farmer while creating invaluable connections between new farmers and their communities. 


One time gifts –  You can direct your donations to certain programs if you wish, just let us know!

Regular installments – You can chose to make a monthly donation!

Stock options – You can donate stocks, bonds and mutual funds as well!

We are also happy to talk with you about in-kind donations of equipment, services and land donations.

To speak to us about in kind donations or bequests please contact Cherie Bauman at 519-836-7046 ext. 103 or email


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