By: Colin Daileda,
Published: Mashable, November 5, 2013

photo credit: missdrummajorette

Sustainable Microfarms envisions a future in which anyone can maintain a hydroponic farm because growing produce won’t require soil, lots of land or knowledge of the nutrients that their plants need to survive.

Hydroponic farms work by dipping plants in mineral-rich water in lieu of soil. Sustainable Microfarms has developed an individualized hydroponic-farming system called the Genesis Controller, which regulates the water’s nutrients, temperature and acidity; this means growers don’t need to be experts in the plants they’re raising. Users can customize the type of minerals that a Genesis Controller can add and monitor, as well as the number of times per day that the system checks nutrient levels. With a machine this attentive, the idea is that farmers can just let plants grow.
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