A New Season at FarmStart


You haven’t heard from us in a while, but not because we’ve been been hibernating. It’s been a season of birth, growth and putting down roots for FarmStart!

First, we’d like to say Congratulations to our Director, Christie Young, who has been on leave the last few months due to the birth of baby Reed.   

FarmStart has finally settled into an office in Guelph, where we’ve been able to welcome new staff members. Our team is moving forward with amazing programs, which we’d love to share with you in this Spring Newsletter

You can also check out our hands-on courses and workshops, including “Pasturing Pigs” and “Intro to Tillage” at


It’s Spring at McVean!

What’s exciting at FarmStart’s incubator project at the historic McVean Farm in Brampton? As it enters its second season of operation, its 5 farmers have multiplied to 13! Seven enterprises are now working … (to finish this article, please click here)


Looking for Land?  Try Speed Dating

At the heart of the FarmLINK Ontario program is an on-line matchmaker tool to help farmland owners connect with new farmers looking for land. Aware that succession planning requires more than a website, we organized our first live matchmaking workshop “Lucky in Land?”…  (to finish this article, please click here)


Launch of the FarmON Alliance

FarmStart is very excited to announce the launch of the FarmON Alliance. FarmON’s mandate is to encourage the development of local food systems through the support of emerging, ecologically-oriented farmers. Regional coordinators will work closely with…  (to finish this article, please click here)   


Academic Programs in Sustainable Agriculture are Proliferating
The School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences is offering a one-year Sustainable Agriculture Program…  (to finish this article, please click here)  


FarmStart putting down Roots!
As of Dec. 2008, FarmStart has new roots! We’ve set up an office at the  Orchard Park Office Centre of Ignatius Farm in Guelph. Stop by to meet our new staff…  (to finish this article, please click here) 


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