Most of the time, I believe we, at FarmStart, can help to change our food system, one new farmer at a time.

But there are moments when I am reminded that there are very serious political, corporate and ecological issues that we need to address and to raise our voices against together. These powerful interests have far-reaching control and influence and their profit-driven actions will forever compromise our farmers’ rights, and their businesses, our economies as well as the health and well being of our ecosystems and our own bodies.  Now and into the future.

One of these moments occurred this past Friday, January 28th, 2011, when the US Department of Agriculture approved the unlimited planting of GE Round Up Ready Alfalfa.

Alfalfa is a perennial crop pollinated by bees and other insects.  These and other characteristics means that GE contamination of alfalfa is inevitable.  The contamination will affect all farmers, in particular organic farmers, in the US and likely in Canada.

Please see below for more information and what you can do to raise your voice right now!

I hope you will join me, as one farmer, one eater, one citizen standing up.  Together, we can change our food system.

In Solidarity,

Christie Young

Executive Director, FarmStart

To learn more on GE Alfafa, find out what you can do, and to learn more about Genetic Engineering please click here.


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