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Sowing Seeds, Reaping Profit is a series of seven case studies featuring innovative Ontario farmers with non-traditional backgrounds. It shares practical production tips, innovative marketing approaches and creative ways to successfully negotiate the myriad challenges that new farmers face in their start-up years and beyond.

Shin Kang – Skyland Farms

“I came to Canada in 1971. I was raised a farmer, I lived on a farm. My background is all farm life and my brain too. I graduated high school, and I came to Canada with $15 in my pocket. How could I start farming? It was impossible. So one week later, I went to work at CN, on the railroad. I worked six years there, so that we could buy land.

Even after I started farming at the Holland Marsh, I always worked an evening shift with CN. I was an inspector for the freight trains. I worked from 4pm to 12am and in the morning I wake up 9am, and from then until 3pm, I’ve got to work farming, because I love farming. So tired, eh? I did like this, two jobs, for three or four years. Until one day, I had to make a decision. Which one I took for the future: CN or farming? At that time, I quit CN, and I farmed. At CN, I had a regular, secure income. Farming is not secure – no guaranteed income. But I changed my job to farming. To start farming took me almost ten years.”

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