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Sowing Seeds, Reaping Profit is a series of seven case studies featuring innovative Ontario farmers with non-traditional backgrounds. It shares practical production tips, innovative marketing approaches and creative ways to successfully negotiate the myriad challenges that new farmers face in their start-up years and beyond.

Elizabeth Bzikot – Best Baa Farm and Ewenity Dairy Co-op

“The reason why we chose sheep is that they’re nice animals. The other thing is that there’s a good market in Ontario for lamb. And perhaps most importantly, I firmly believe that a lot of agriculture is in the pockets of large multinationals. They use their monopoly power to take advantage of farmers, with the result that the farmer doesn’t get a just return on his investment.

Sheep are not in that realm. No big business is interested in sheep. They will not let themselves be treated the way cattle so often are, because they will die. It’s quite simple. So that was part of the reason why we originally chose sheep.”

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