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Sowing Seeds, Reaping Profit is a series of seven case studies featuring innovative Ontario farmers with non-traditional backgrounds. It shares practical production tips, innovative marketing approaches and creative ways to successfully negotiate the myriad challenges that new farmers face in their start-up years and beyond.

Caitlin Hall – Reroot Organic CSA

“I guess I’ve been interested in farming for a while. I took Environmental Studies at school and during the five years that I was at school I developed an interest in organic agriculture. But I grew up in the suburbs; I had never even had a garden before.”

I just finished my third CSA pickup. They’ve all been quite successful. People are happy with what they’re getting and there’s an abundant amount in the fields. I think I’ve made a few believers out of people who initially, because it’s my first year and because I’m young and maybe because I’m a woman – I don’t know – but who were a little hesitant at first to join. I think they’re pretty happy.”

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