While agriculture is facing unprecedented economic and environmental challenges, there are organizations and individuals working to engage farmers in strategies that creatively turn these challenges into opportunities. In 2009 FarmStart took the lead in bringing many of these organizations in Guelph and surrounding area together with the hope of creating a space that will help catalyze the efforts of those working with the future of ecological agriculture in mind. From this initiative, the Centre for Agricultural Renewal (C-FAR) was born.

Inspired by the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto and other examples like 10 Carden in Guelph, our vision was for a workspace where agricultural organizations with shared values can connect with one another on a daily basis, sharing resources and creative ideas that will help build the capacity of every individual and organization involved.

Located in the Orchard Park Office Centre on Ignatius Farm, at the north edge of Guelph, C-FAR now comprises the following organizations:

Individuals or organizations interested in joining CFAR should contact FarmStart for more information.


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