April marked the start of the Ecological Market Gardening, and Ecological Livestock Skill Building Farm Tours. April’s Market Garden Tour featured Caitlin Hall of re-root organic farm. Caitlin was a terrific hostess, welcoming sixteen of us out of the drizzly rain into her cozy farmhouse near Harriston ON. Everyone packed in around the fireplace and Caitlin shared the inspirational story of how even though, she grew up in the city, she got hooked onto farming, and after several years apprenticing and incubating her business at another farm she is finally farming on her own land!

Starting to farm is definitely not a piece of cake, and Caitlin admitted that she is still on a learning curve especially now that she is getting into raising more types of livestock. Never the less, her competency and ability to run a successful farm business clearly showed thoroughout the day. It was pretty apparent that Caitlin has a solid plan for where she sees her farm heading in the future, and is actively seeking out the mentorship and training she will need to take her there.  As we toured the farm I was impressed by how much she has accomplished, including the refrigeration unit she built in her barn for storing vegetables and the layout and set up of her greenhouse.

Greenhouse management was in fact the focus of the afternoon portion of the tour and Caitlin gave a thorough run down about the kinds of things to consider when building a greenhouse, right down to the nitty gritty details you need to consider when raising seedlings under plastic. Personally I thought the day was a great success thanks to all those who participated, and a giant thank-you to Caitlin Hall for an awesome host. If you want to be a farmer, do what she does!

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May tours include: Seeding and Transplanting at Fertile Ground Farm and Pastured Poultry at Dragonfly Garden Farm

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