There other roads to a sustainable and productive agriculture future (that are different than those we are going down with the biotech industry)

Last week I had the chance to present to the Federal Standing Committee on Agriculture – as part of their study on Biotechnology – in the wake of the fall of Bill C474.

Before I started Wayne Easter announced the Liberal proposal for a Moratorium on GE Alfalfa (It seems that they actually were listening to numerous intelligent and articulate presentations that have come before them – and perhaps more importantly they have felt the very strong public pressure around this issue. The House of Commons is voting on this TODAY!  (Go to for more on this)

Following is a short summary of the perspective and recommendation I tried to articulate to the Committee:

The topic of this study: “of how to ensure the viability and success of biotechnology in agriculture” is not the question they should be starting with.

Any technology should be evaluated and developed, adopted or discarded based on the purpose it serves or the harm it can do.  Before we go down the road of adopting new technologies- we must be much more clear about where we want to be headed – what do we need or want to achieve in our food system today and for successive generations?    To read more click here

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