Reminder – GYFP is Providing Increased Funding for New Farmers to Access Training!

Are there certain courses and workshops that you’d like to take this spring or later this year to develop your farm skills? Did you know that there is funding available that could help you cover tuition, textbooks and travel costs?

Growing Your Farm Profits (GYFP) is part of the Growing Forward suite of programs and funding for agriculture in Ontario. This free two-day workshop is designed to help farmers assess their farm businesses and to outline desired areas for learning and support. This can then enable you to access cost-share funding for related training opportunities (courses, workshops, ect.), business planning advisors and more!

Cost sharing recently improved for new farmers and now covers up to 75% of expenses (previously 50%) for training and business planning opportunities.

Eligibility criteria for a new farmer include:

–       Individuals must have less than $7,000 in gross farm income annually two and three years prior to enrollment in the program.

–       The New Farm Business must demonstrate that they intend to have $7,000 or more in gross farm income within three years of start-up through a budgetary forecast.

–       Providing proof-of-ownership or control of productive agricultural assets to generate farm income (ie. copy of rental or purchase agreement for farmland, breeding livestock, farming equipment, etc.)

(Please note: established farmers can also access this funding; eligibility and funding parameters differ.)

Fore more information on eligibility and upcoming workshops contact the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) at 1-800-265-9751 or visit or for a list of upcoming workshops click here.

I’ve been able to utilize the cost-share funding provided by the GYFP program to address many different aspects of my diversified farm’s business goals. In addition to covering some of my training and travel costs for workshops and courses to build my practical and planning skills, GYFP also provided an affordable one-to-one consultation to thoroughly review my existing enterprises and explore the feasibility of new directions for my business. The process seems to be getting more streamlined each year, and I have found the program staff responsive and helpful… the paperwork involved has definitely been worth it for me!

– Val Steinmann, Heartwood Farm, Erin, Ontario

Please let us know if you’re a new farmer that has accessed GYFP funding!


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