Rare Breeds Canada (RBC) is an organization that’s been around since 1987 working to maintain differentiation within our livestock and food supply. The genetic diversity is important to keep the circle of life, the food chain, and the general balance of nature strong.

As an act of preservation, RBC has a semen bank to keep diversity alive. The semen bank is vast and contains cattle semen for sale and is solely for the purpose of genetic spread and survival.

What’s fun is that there are farms that specialize in breeding with rare breeds of livestock, like Wholearth Farmstudio, a local Ontario farm, who specialize in keeping special sheep breeds.

Of course there are many more, farms out there that care enough to have special preservation land made especially for specific breeds and for genetic diversity.

RBC encourages new farmers and experienced farmers alike to keep rare and heritage livestock in mind when they choose their animals, as these breeds “are disease resistant, birth easily and have superior mothering abilities,”.  This is also a good choice when one considers that  “chefs and cheese makers all around the world are excited about the superior taste of heritage meat.”

Genetic diversity among livestock (as well as all other living organisms on earth!) is important for maintaining balance.

What RBC doing is really important for the preservation of life as we know it.


Katimavik Intern

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