Brampton: McVean Farm

Our McVean Start-Up farm in Brampton is the first of it’s kind in Canada and has become a viable model for others to learn from across the country.

This year the 45-acre farm had 36 new farmers digging in, with 20 different farm enterprises on-site. These farmers, from more than 10 different countries, are growing a huge diversity of crops, from honey to mushrooms to a hundred kinds of vegetables. Their produce is beautiful, fresh picked and often sold directly to their consumers through farmers markets, restaurants and on farm you-pick. McVean is a vibrant example of viable near-urban, ecological agriculture and an opportunity for new farmers from urban and near-urban areas, home to many New Canadians, to begin to grow food for their communities.

In support of the McVean Farm, FarmStart hosts an annual on farm fundraiser.  To find out more click here.

This 45-acre facility is owned by the Toronto and Region Conservation and leased to FarmStart on a long-term lease.

The address for the McVean Farm Property is N/W corner of McVean Drive & Queen St. E., Pt. Lt. 6 Conc. 8 N.D. , Brampton, ON.

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Land available: 45 acres. 

¼ acre – Test Cropper plots. March to November

1 – 5 acres for Start-Up and Enterprise Farmers

Participants have access to tilled land, ready for planting. The land and farm infrastrucutre is certified organic.

Types of Production:

Vegetables and fruits, mushrooms, honey, flowers etc. No livestock.

Shared Facilities and Equipment:

  • Tractor,
  • Walk behind tractors (BCS),
  • Roto-tillers
  • Irrigation (from city hydrants)
  • Wash station,
  • Cold, dry and equipment storage facilities.


FarmStart provides custom tractor work (such as plowing and bed making). FarmStart also assists participants in sourcing inputs like planting materials compost and hay as and when required.


A farm market stall is available to participant farmers to allow for direct sales of crops to the public. The McVean Farmers Market is in operation Saturdays from July to October.

The farm is ½ hour away from downtown Toronto. Many farmers serve a variety of local and Toronto markets and customers.

Mentorship and Training:

Mentoring and training are an important part of FarmStart’s programs.

There are several technical workshops conducted at Mcvean, which are mandatory for all incoming farmers.

The Farm Manager acts as mentor as well as providing technical and practical support to participants on site as required.

Business development workshops and farm tours are offer by FarmStart on a regular basis, and participants are referred to a wide range of training courses and mentorship opportunities also offered by partner organizations such as the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario, Farmers Growing Farmers, and others.

Applications for the McVean Start-Up Farm are now open and will be accepted until December 15, 2014.


 Community Garden Plots

Not ready to be a farmer, but looking for access to garden?  McVean Farm also has Community Garden Plots.  Plots are 1000 sq ft – more than enough to grow all the food needed for you, your family and friends. Conveniently located on McVean Drive just north of Dunegrass Way.
Annual fee of $254.25 ($225 + $29.25 HST) required to reserve plot. This fee includes access to water and your plot comes tilled, and ready to work. All you have to do is bring the seeds and your time.
To reserve your garden contact: or call 519-836-7046 x 107.


Our McVean Farm Funders

Trillium Foundation

Heifer International

Laidlaw Foundation


Ontario Market Investment Fund, OMAFRA


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