Patrick Habamenshi, who runs FarmStart’s New Canadians New Farmers Program, was recently interview on Radio Canada International’s The Link.

You can listen to the complete interview below.

About Patrick:

Patrick holds a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar, Senegal (he loves horses and wildlife) and a Master of Arts in Economics from University of Toronto (he loves numbers).

Patrick is an outspoken advocate for minorities’ rights, the integration of immigrants in the Canadian society and the economic empowerment of African-Canadians. He also counts agriculture, economic development and food security in his areas of expertise. Patrick recently returned from his native Rwanda, where he worked as a visiting lecturer at the National University and occupied senior positions in the Government.

Currently, Patrick is consulting for the International Federation of Agricultural Development (IFAD). Alongside this position, Patrick is working with FarmStart to identify the needs of New Canadian farmers.

About the Link:

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