Pasture fed animals are in! Whether their concerns are for health, environment, or animal welfare, consumers are starting to sit up and take notice of alternatives to conventional meats. Pasture meat is at the forefront of this exciting change.

Two separate FarmStart workshops held through the month of July addressed raising pasture animals for interested farmers and homesteaders. Both workshops were taught by Tarrah Young, farmer at Green Being farm in Neustadt, Ontario. The pasture pork workshop was held on July 9th and the pasture poultry workshop was held on the 24th of July.

Each workshop covered choosing breeds, housing, feeding, caring and marketing. They also included some exciting hands-on experience. Green Being Farm specializes in both pastured pork and chicken. Tarrah took both workshop groups out to see her set up for pigs and chickens respectively. Workshop participants tromped into the bushes to scratch  the pigs and watch them wallow in their mud hole. A couple of weeks later, chicken participants toured the egg mobile and moved the ‘chicken tractors’. There was even a postmortem performed in the chicken workshop for participants to learn how to diagnose illness. Participants arrived with many different knowledge levels and left with questions answered and enthusiasm soaring.

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Jen Seilern

Volunteer On-Farm Event Coordinator


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