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Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Program for renewable energy is a potential source of funds for NFPs and other community groups as well as a way to address the climate change challenge. Join the Climate Change Lawyer’s Network to learn more about how NFPs can participate in the FIT Program.  The session is relevant to any NFP with an interest in participating in a renewable power project, and particularly those NFPs which own or control roof space suitable for renewable energy installations. The speakers will provide information on the key elements of successful projects, how to obtain project funding (including the Community Energy Partnership Program), how to contract out the building and maintenance of the project, and many more practical tools. For a full agenda, and registration details, please visit

Event date: Friday, September 28
Video or tele- conferencing is available for those unable to attend in person.
If you have access to either a computer with speakers or telephone, you can participate through our video and tele conference system.
To participare via video or tele conference, please follow these steps:
1. Register for the conference.
2. Contact Meredith James to let her know you will be attending via video or tele conference.
Meredith can be reached at or at 416-962-5882.
3. You will be emailed the video or tele conferencing instructions the evening before the event.

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