Jessica Leeder, Globe and Mail
Published: August 9, 2011


Local food in Ontario is about to go public thanks to a little cash incentive from the provincial government.

More than $1.5-million worth of grants were announced Tuesday to bump up the amount of homegrown food served across a broad slate of taxpayer-funded institutions, including a pair of , municipalities, postsecondary schools and a northern native reserve.


…(S)ome of the grant money will go to support small distributors who specialize in forging local food connections. One of those is 100 Km Foods Inc., a Toronto business that started out linking farmers to restaurant chefs. Having won a $171,000 grant, the business will expand its distribution model to connect with buyers for public institutions such as the Greater Toronto Airport Authority and the University of Toronto.

Their likelihood of success is high. Gordon Food Service, a large distributor that was awarded $360,000 through the BPS fund last year to overhaul its approach to local food, increased the amount of Ontario food sold through its ordering system by $540,000 over the last two quarters.

Those numbers are encouraging to local farmers itching to step up to the plate.

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