Jon Radojkovic, The Hanover Post
Published: June 27, 2011

Another link in the local food movement is now in place so vegetable and fruit growers and restaurant owners should take note. Holyrood, 25 kilometers southwest of Walkerton, is going to become the centre of a local produce auction that will take in any farmer within a 75 kilometer radius.

“We want to have local producers and local food available,” said Joan Brady, information person for the Bruce-Huron Produce Auction.

Brady explained that farmers, “need to band together,” to get a good share of the market without having to travel a long way to sell their produce or to buy produce for re-sale.

She said at one time, fifty years ago, there were many produce auction houses in the region but with the advent of globalization and multi-nationals controlling food delivery and supply, most of that has disappeared across North America. “We are rebuilding what we used to have,” Brady says.

For more information on the Bruce-Huron Produce Auction call Brady at 1-888-537-3163 or email

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