Are you ready to STEP UP?

The Canadian Farm Business Management Council, Canadian 4-H Council, Canadian Young Farmers’ Forum, and Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers’ Program have joined forces to present an on-farm learning placement that matches those planning or considering a farming career with an experienced farm manager so that they can learn critical aspects of farm business management in a hands-on setting.

This program is  accepting applications for Mentors and Mentees now!

Through the STEP UP Program, you will be paired with an experienced farm manager who will work with you in a focused Mentorship program for a minimum of eight weeks. Don’t worry – the travel expenses are all covered.

You’ll have opportunities to engage in the day-to-day management of a farm operation, see how the decisions are made, expand your professional network, and be able to get your hands dirty in the process.

The STEP UP program is an on-farm learning placement that matches beginning, transitioning, or those interested in farming with experienced farm managers.

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