Canadian Organic Growers Perth-Waterloo-Wellington is proud to announce that they have created an online, searchable database that exclusively contains certified organic seeds.

You can browse through our online seed “catalogue” of nearly 20 organic seed suppliers at as of today. It’s also possible to print off a print-friendly copy for a friend without computer or internet access.

More than just a place to find sources for organic seed, also contains the ability to allow you to create your own seed list, which serves as an efficient launching point for when it comes time to make your seed orders, and serves as proof for a certifier to explain why an untreated seed variety had to be purchased. We’ll also be tracking information about about any varieties that are missing from our database, with the hopes of informing the sector and ultimately contributing to a greater organic seed supply in Canada.

With the support of the Agricultural Management Institute (AMI) and organic seed suppliers below, COG PWW is excited about the potential of this project. There will be ongoing changes over the next week or so as we fine-tune, add French translations, and get more suppliers online. Let us know what you think of this new tool!

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