Johnny’s Selected Seeds is a great seed company based in Maine that many Ontario market gardeners will order from – in part because of their large selection of organic seeds, their ability to work with small and large scale growers, and their sourcing of market gardening tools and supplies.

Their website is full of useful resources, to which they’ve recently added a number of online interactive tools and calculators that include the following (and more). Visit to see the full list!
  • Seed Calculator: This tool figures the number of seeds or plants you need for a given amount of space.
  • Target Harvest Date Calculator: Use this tool to determine how many crops you might have by a user-defined target date for important event.
  • Seed-starting Date Calculator: This tool figures the dates when it’s safe to plant outside, based on the frost-free date that you specify.
  • Growers Library: Download helpful product information files, manuals, charts, growing guides, and more from our Growers Library.



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