By Vik Kirsch
Published: Guelph Mercury, 18 March 2014

Voices within the province’s farming community are urging the reprieve of eastern Ontario’s Kemptville agricultural college future from being plowed under.

The University of Guelph has announced the closure of its satellite Kemptville and d’Alfred college campuses in 2015. It states they’re too small and cost the university $7 million a year to maintain, which it can’t afford to spend. Two other colleges, Boréal in Sudbury and La Cité in Ottawa, are proposing to take on some d’Alfred programming, though the future of Kemptville College is more unclear.

National Farmers Union Ontario president Karen Eatwell said young farmers across Ontario who want to follow their families into careers in agriculture won’t best be served by the remaining agricultural college in Ridgetown alone. They need to be taught closer to their home farm communities, she said.

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