Published: CTV News, November 6, 2013

photo credit: CTV News

Farming is a job that has long been dominated by men, but that is changing, and getting both genders more involved in the business is a good thing.

Whether Jennifer Vandeveld is working on the farm or hitting the books, the wife, mother and part-time teacher gets some strange looks when she identifies herself.
“I say ‘I’m a farmer,’ and they kind of look at me like, ‘Oh?’ And then I say ‘I’m a teacher too,’ and they say ‘Ohhhhhhh!’ And I’m like, ‘Well I’m actually a farmer.’”

Vandeveld and her husband are partners in their farm and market business Wholesome Pickins in Delhi, and there are no traditional roles here.
“Our lives have morphed into 50/50 everywhere. He’s unloading the dishwasher and doing laundry at home, and I’m over here in the field grading strawberries,” she says.

The role of women is changing on the farm, anywhere from being involved in more domestic duties to actually running the farm, or even the industry.

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