Mike Shook is the Program Manager of FarmStart. Mike grew up on a small farm in Pennsylvania where a market garden provided a seasonal input to the family’s modest income. He grew up with farming in his blood, so after university and a brief fling with bright lights and big cities he settled back into the countryside.

Mike has helped design and implement a variety of agricultural projects in both Jamaica and Guyana. He has also worked with the World Bank and UNDP in designing support programs for farm communities in Guyana.

Mike likens the plight of Canadian farmers to that of their counterparts in the developing world: all are struggling with the deleterious effects of Globalization. He feels that farmers need to value their time and develop management tools which help them choose the best farm business options.

With this background, it is no accident that Mike is heading up FarmStart’s project to develop and pilot a farm business planning and management course.

Contact information:
519-836-7046 ext. 102
Email: mike@farmstart.ca


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