There was a “Meeting of the Minds” at the Royal Winter Fair on Tuesday Nov 6. FarmStart and the Centre for Land and Water Stewardship helped bring together members of the Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing Association with new Canadians from Africa, South America, China and South Asia. They had a chance to get to know one another and to start to build understanding and possible profitable relationships around new crops and new market opportunities.

About 35 people attended the meeting starting with a tour of the Royal, dinner together, and then round table discussion, ranging broadly from the challenges of early years as a new Canadian, to the challenges facing agriculture today, to the opportunities that lie ahead as a result of new relationships and new partnerships.

The gathering was supported by the Greenbelt Foundation, with arrangements made by Karen Daynard, program coordinator for the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Cathy Bartolic, Executive Director of the Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing Association and Peter Mitchell from Farmstart and CLAWS at The University of Guelph.

Guests were addressed by Bill Duron, General Manager of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Dr. Rob McLaughlin, President of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and Burkhard Mausberg, President of the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation.

ossible new crops were discussed. In particular: Chinese eggplant, edamame, chard, okra and naranjilla. And to be sure farm tours and visits will be happening in the spring.

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