FarmStart’s New Farms Incubator Farm Program supports new farm enterprises by offering access to land, equipment, and infrastructure at reasonable rates, and by providing participants with mentorship and training in business planning, technical skills, and ecological farming methods.

The following profiles introduce our participants, a group of new farmers whose diverse entrepreneurial strategies contain the seeds for a more just and sustainable regional food supply.

(Please click on each participants name to download their profile)

Matt Reeves

A young grower with a background in biodynamics and horticultural therapy, and a strong belief in the healing power of sustainable vegetable production for marginalized people.

Simon Jacques

A young farmer and organic inspector, and a pioneer in organic coloured bean production in Ontario.

Tarrah Young

FarmStart’s first graduate, who is drawing from skills honed in the New Farms Incubator Farm Program to develop an organic vegetable, pork and turkey operation on land she recently purchased close to Hanover, Ontario.

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    What is considered an official background check? Or is this the wrong forum to be asking?