Published: Penn State Extension, September 17, 2012
Last month Gayle Ganser, co-owner of Eagle Point Farm, shared tips to farm market success from good signage to managing customer flow at a meeting for farm apprentices hosted by the Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT) in collaboration with Penn State Extension, Start Farming.
Twenty-nine years ago Steve and Gayle Ganser started their adventure in farming selling to a 600 home huckster route and over 40 restaurants in the Valley. Over time, they have concentrated on their retail location and now sell almost all the produce and bedding plants grown on their 15 acre farm through their farm stand. Here are a few marketing tips from Gayle:

Find Your Niche

Eagle Point has become known for their wide variety of interesting and unusual herbs and perennials. Although they grow everything from asparagus to zucchini, their herbs and perennials  set them apart. One reason Gayle and Steve focus on herbs and bedding plants is the income potential. “The same people who will gripe about $2.49 a pound for tomatoes will spend $300 a week on bedding plants during the spring,” Gayle told us. Spring plant sales kick off their season and by focusing on varieties no one else produces they have created a name for the farm.

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