On a recent visit to Toronto Mark Bittman (amongst other endevors a food columnist for the New York Times), toured the the Stop and the McVean Incubator Farm.  Clearly the diversity of the McVean farmers made an impression on him, as he reflects on in his blog…

“Thus I wasn’t surprised when Nick Saul, who runs the city’s progressive, multi-faceted food agency, The Stop, picked me up yesterday morning and took me off to a farm “incubator,” where I met as many people of different nationalities in an hour as I do on an average day in New York. There, in the middle of a neighborhood that reeked of suburban sprawl, I chatted with men from India, Pakistan, Jamaica, China and Barbados, and with women from France, Zimbabwe and Canada (of all places). Evidently I’d just missed a Mauritian.

This all happened on the McVean Incubator Farm, where a non-profit called Farm Start loans people the land, equipment, and funds they need to see whether farming is the life for them. It’s too long a story for here and now, but I’ll get to it.”

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