By: Brian Cross
Published: The Windsor Star, Sep 28, 2013

photo credit: Frog Pond Winery

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s recent talk about loosening up Ontario’s strict booze rules has local wineries hoping they’ll soon be selling their bottles at area farmers’ markets.

Wynne commented during an interview last week with CTV News that “small wineries, being able to sell in farmers’ markets,” is one idea being discussed now to help Ontario’s wineries, hampered by antiquated rules that restricts them to selling their wine only at the winery, restaurants and the LCBO.

“I hope that by next spring, when the markets are up and running again, we’ll actually be able to sell our wines at the farmers’ markets,” Tom O’Brien, president Essex Pelee Island Coast Wine Country, said Friday in response to Wynne’s remarks as well as other positive government signals, which he believes confirms the government’s growing recognition that the wine industry is an important contributor to the economy and tourism.

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