By: Ellen Martin 
Published: MaRS Blog, June 11, 2013

A few weeks ago, I joined about 50 other “locavores” at the Food, Fish, Farm, and Finance Forum in Toronto. For the uninitiated, locovores are defined as those individuals who eat food sourced exclusively (or mostly—for those that are a little less stringent) from their local communities.

The event was hosted by a coalition of groups: Sustain OntarioFarmstart, the Organic Council of OntarioFood Secure Canada, the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing, and the Centre for Social Innovation.

Attendees of the forum were equally diverse as those organizations that hosted—from social financiers interested in learning about the challenges and opportunities for impact investing in the sustainable food sector, to farmers burdened by the acquisition of large plots of land at the hands of major corporations (a practice more colloquially known as “land grabbing”).

While we had all come from different organizations, forum attendees had gathered to explore: “the delicious, diverse and delicate potential for social finance and impact investing in our food system”.

Throughout the day, the space was charged with energy and the conversation was full. As we moved from topic to topic, I was thrilled to see cross-sector collaboration proliferate in front of my eyes.

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