New Canadians, New Farmers

The objectives of our New Canadians, New Farmers Program are two-fold:

  • To reach out to new Canadian who are interested in starting a farm in Ontario;
  • To strengthen the capacity of new Canadians to farm sustainably in near-urban and rural areas.

With these goals in mind, we aim to provide accessible training programs and support services to address the needs of new immigrants in the agricultural and farming sectors in Ontario.

We have help to see work on World Crops, through our Growing International conference and reports. Now there is research at the University of Guelph  and Vineland Research Station address the market, social and agronomic aspects of developed new crops to serve an increasingly multi-cultural Canadian population.

Over the next few years we hope continue to explore how the farm sector will help to facilitate non-family farm succession and how we can work with the settlement sector, regions and municipalities to encourage rural immigration of new Canadians.

We aim to help  find the most effective pathways to address the following questions.

  • How can we help downsizing and retiring farmers without identified successors to consider new forms of successions and connect with young and new Canadian farmers?
  • How do we create bridges between the farm communities, rural municipalities, the settlement community and prospective newcomer farmers?
  • How do we identify and support viable farm succession and transfer opportunities for new Canadian farmers who want to start new farm operations?
  • How do we as a sector best provide new Canadians with training, on-farm experience, as well as peer and mentor that will help them to build successful farms?

The funding for the program has ended. But we are currently reviewing our past experience and making plans to expand and diversify the program and funding sources. 


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