Our goal is to see more young farmers and new farmers from different backgrounds.  We strive to help them to establish innovative, viable and sustainable farm enterprises that can serve the growing local sustainable food markets.  And we aim to help them join and contribute to thriving farm communities with social, cultural and economic opportunities for diverse families.

And we want to be part of the delicious and resilient future in food the energy, passion and commitment of a new generation of farmers will help to build.

As we look toward the next 10-15 years, FarmStart is developing programs and services to encourage and support a new generation of farmers to be ready to successfully take over the farm operations and food producing roles of our retiring farmers.

But we realize we must find creative ways to work with existing farmers, farm communities and rural municipalities to create pathways and opportunities for these new farmers outside of our programs and services.

We have begun to develop a variety of initiatives that cut across our programs and services.  We also are working with a range of partners to help create opportunities for new farmers as they re-strategize, establish and grow.

Our initiatives aim to provide concrete connections and opportunities while also providing a voice for a new generation of farmers.

Please take a look at our Key Considerations for policies and programs that can help to support new entrants and new farmers. Download our Agricultural Renewal Proposal that provides some suggestions and examples of broader policies and programs.


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