Many of the new farmers we encounter do not think about farm insurance as part of their farm plan. Once we mention farm insurance,  people often become anxious and tend to panic a little bit. FarmStart recently held an insurance information session, which was facilitated by Ray Johnson from the Co-operators. Below are a few points made during the presentation. Hopefully, they will help aspiring and new farmers start thinking about farm insurance.

  • You do not have to register your farm business to receive farm insurance.
  • It is important to disclose everything you are doing to your insurance company. In this case, if something happens for example on the way to a farmers’ market, you will be covered.
  • The standard for insuring a farm is for a minimum of $2 million dollars. This will vary depending on the farm operation.
  • General liability insurance covers food poisoning.
  • Local by-laws can impact the amount of compensation you receive from an insurance company.
  • 52.6% of farm loses are due to fires, caused by a variety of factors, like electrical problems, faulty machinery and excessive dust accumulation.

Please remember that farm insurance is a lot more complicated then this and that you should contact an agent who specializes in farm insurance for more thorough information.  We also recommend starting with the Farm Business Insurance Fact Sheet provided by OMFRA, ( ) for primer on what farm insurance is all about.


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