From the cban website March 2014.
GM-Alfalfa-Release-Delayed_largeGM Alfalfa Release Delayed! Your actions are working. Thanks to all your protest, we have kept GM alfalfa off the market this spring! The company Forage Genetics International (FGI) will not release genetically modified (GM) alfalfa this spring, thanks to farmer and consumer opposition. Your continued protest, culminating in last year’s national Day of Action to Stop GM Alfalfa, has delayed the release of GM alfalfa in Canada. Thank you for taking effective action with CBAN!
The corporate decision to delay the introduction of GM alfalfa was confirmed in the Western Producer newspaper and builds upon recent statements made by seed companies in Quebec and Ontario.
Even though the Canadian government has approved GM herbicide-tolerant alfalfa, it has not yet been sold in Canada. The GM alfalfa uses Monsanto’s GM “Roundup Ready” herbicide tolerant trait, and would be sold by Forage Genetics International.
The industry launched a “coexistence plan” last year that failed to allay concerns about contamination from GM alfalfa, and farmer and consumer protest continues.
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