By Joseph Cress
Published: The Sentinel, January 11, 2014
It took being adrift in an ocean of cubicles to bring Brooks Miller back down to earth.
The Reading-area native had graduated from Penn State University with a degree in aerospace engineering and was in a high-paying job inspecting satellite components.
Yet the work was unfulfilling and repetitive for him — hardly the challenge for which he was hoping or an outlet of creativity such as he experienced in the university lab.
“I grew up working with my hands,” said Miller, recalling past jobs at a tree nursery and in landscaping. “I really enjoyed working outside.”
So at age 25, he traded in the white collar job for the soil of a Perry County farm and the opportunity of being his own boss. Today, he owns and operates North Mountain Pastures near Newport where he raises pasture-raised chickens, pigs, cattle and lambs.
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