Finance, Farms and Food:
Exploring new ways to organize and raise money for sustainable food system projects

When: 21 Mar 2013
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Location: Langford Community Centre, Brant County
Cost: $25.00
To register: Click Here.

The Langford Conservancy is bringing in some special speakers this week to a forum on how to protect the farming community by revitalizing the farming and food economy, but also about how to protect farmland and save money at the same time.

We’ll review funding ideas 

  • for food related and value-added projects, 
  • through the formation of co-operatives, and
  • with the help of community bonds.

The forum would appeal to those interested in learning about how they can

  • source the funds that they need for starting farming or farm succession, or for community related fund-raising projects,
  • get the price they want when they sell their farms, while ensuring that their land continues to be farmed, and
  • how farm/land owners can get big tax breaks for placing a covenant on their land. These tax breaks can be spread out over 5 years and can be shared with a spouse.

This forum will also appeal to farmers wanting to negotiate a long-term lease from a conservancy, or purchase land at an affordable rate because the land has covenant on it.


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