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Feeding the future: How organic farming can help feed the world

Ensuring food security in a future which will have constrained resources, and which will be feeling the effects of climate change, is one of the thorniest issues facing policy makers today. The natural resource base upon which agriculture depends, soils, water and biodiversity, is being degraded. Supplies of fossil fuels used to make inputs, and minerals such as phosphate, will become increasingly scarce. This means that we urgently need to improve the resource use efficiency of farming systems.

In short, the answer is yes, although we should perhaps be talking about how organic farming can help the world feed itself. As well as investment in organic and other agro-ecological methods for farmers in the Global South in order to increase local food production and markets, for the Global North it is imperative that we see a significant shift in diets.

As well as changing our farming systems, it’s as much about eating differently, feeding our livestock differently and wasting much less food.

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