By: Ray Baynton
Published: Blackburn, Nov. 28, 2012

Ontario farmers appear to be willing to accomodate the habitats of grassland species on their farms.

That’s how Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement officials are interpreting the fact they got more bid packages from interested farmers than they’d expected for the program.

The Grassland Habitat Farm Incentive Program provides cost-share funding for grassland habitat protection projects.

The application process for this one was different – they used something called a competitive online bid structure.

Applicants need to identify how much money they felt was necessary to do the project then provide more details, including accurate and specific project costs.

Christine Schmalz with Ontario Soil and Crop says they had some technical challenges with the online-only process.

But Schmalz says OSCIA feels the new method better lends itself to the kind of criteria they expect government funding partners will be laying down for future programs.

Bid packages will now be evaluated and funding provided to projects that best meet the program’s criteria.

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